Hi, I’m Shahreen Ahmed. I’m a board-certified holistic nutritionist with a B.S. in nutrition from the University of Minnesota with a minor in health & wellness promotion. I taught kids food & nutrition education at Kid Zone Early Learning Center in St. Louis Park as their Food & Nutrition Assistant Director. Now I help change lives as a Lifestyle Consultant at Livea Weight Control Centers.

My background in holistic health is what drives my passion to teach nutrition and empower others to create quick and healthy meals. I help busy people take control of their health by teaching them how to cook, eat and grocery shop.

My goal is to help you stop worrying about food so you can spend more time doing what you actually enjoy!  

What I love most about my work is getting creative in the kitchen and becoming inspired by the ingredients I find at the local market. And what I love most about my work with you, is getting YOU inspired in the kitchen!

My specialty is in individualized holistic health care with an emphasis on functional medicine. I believe in a patient-centered, science-based approach where my clients and I work together to promote optimal wellness.

I believe that overall health is so much more than just “eating healthy food”.

With my business, Happyhealthyshahreen LLC, I am working with clients in a variety of ways: 

  • Nutrition consultations,
  • Private cooking lessons
  • Done for You Meal Service
  • Customized meal plans

I am here to help you save time and reduce stress about what to eat! My ultimate goal is for you to live a happy, healthy life so you can spend more time enjoying each day!

I work with you by showing up and offering all my services to help you succeed. 

Book an appointment here if you are interested in a free 20-minute phone call.

She is always available through Instagram and email. Reach out if you have any questions!