Meet Olive and Chickpea!

These two silkie chickens from VJP Poultry Farm have stolen my heart this summer.

When I studied abroad in France last June, my host family had two pet chickens in their backyard. I thought it was the most amazing concept, but I never thought to have chickens of my own.

This summer, on a whim, I decided to get two little babies to take care of. My parents have a big backyard with a lot of privacy, so it is the perfect environment for chicks to roam free! My dad, being a farm boy growing up, gladly agreed. We called and picked them up that day.

They were born on April 23, 2018, so they are roughly 1 month old now. We got them when they were only a week old!

Why silkies? Good question.

  1. Silkie chickens are the fluffiest and most cuddly chickens out there
    • They have very soft, silky-feeling feathers
    • They are very friendly and good to keep as pets
  2. Due to their fluffy feathers, silkie chickens can’t fly
  3. Their skin, bones and meat are all black!
    • Yeah, we probably won’t eat them
    • Our chickens have white feathers, but they come in other colors
  4. They have five toes, instead of 4 like most chickens.
  5. They might produce eggs, but we won’t know until they grow up!
    • Silkies aren’t the best egg layers, but we didn’t get them for their eggs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have definitely taken on the role of the mother hen. I love watching their feathers (and personalities) grow. My favorite part about being a 21-year-old-single-unemployed mother is when they fall asleep on my lap as I stroke their feathers. <3

Chickpea loves to cuddle, while Olive is a little more fiesty. They love exploring, digging, napping and eating worms. They are afraid of loud noises and bumble bees, but enjoy spending quality time outdoors. They climb all over my brother and I, and try to run away during chicky photoshoots. Typical.

They look like little T-rexs running around my backyard, but one day they are gonna be chicken-puppy hybrids. I will write an updated post once they get bigger! Check out my personal instagram for more photos!

For now, just enjoy growth updates:

April 29th:

May 9th:

May 15th:

May 20th

May 24th: